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If you are a dog owner, your dog has probably put you out in the most inconvenient of ways at least once. But, I bet you have never been so publicly embarrassed by your dog as when the meteorologist’s pup stole the show.

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With the community lockdown in place due to the COVID-19 virus, many professionals have been forced to work from home. This means they still need to perform all components of their jobs, but remotely. It was hoped that this effort would prevent the spread of the novel and unpredictable virus.

One of the many people who must continue working amid the pandemic is Scott Connell. Scott works as the chief meteorologist for KSDK St. Louis. Amid the contagion, Scott needed to give an update regarding the weather.

It was a good thing he had to do this through a video form and not in a live session with a full technological staff present. If that been the case, it would have been a total embarrassment. The reason for this is that Scott’s dog, Maple, interrupted him so many times. According to Scott, Maple might simply have wanted to have her voice heard instead of his.

How The Meteorologist’s Pup Stole The Show

As Scott was filming himself doing the update, Maple barked from the background. The whole incident was captured through a video, and Scott could be heard trying to stop his dog from “speaking” up. Maple, however, did not want to listen to her owner and proceeded with her vocal interruptions.

The dog’s incessant barking continued. Each time Scott attempted to record, the pup would bark. In one instance, Scott was almost done with his spiel, but Maple barked yet again. As a result, the recording was interrupted once again. It took Scott several attempts before he could film the entire updated weather report.

Scott was both aggravated and entertained at the same time by Maple’s vocal interruptions. Therefore, he decided to upload some of the scenes on his Facebook account. Scott’s shared outtakes (or doggy bloopers) led to Maple’s instant internet fame.

Many people shared the video. However, some told Scott that he should learn how to control the dog’s tantrums before his next at-home broadcast of the weather. What do you think? Maybe Scott should place Maple on a chair beside him and allow her to be his co-meteorologist.

Credits to KSDK News.

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