baby koala in the wild

While dogs can sometimes be a predator, they almost always have another innate personality trait as well. And, that is as a loyal protector. There are many stories online of dogs helping others of many species. However, this story of how a kind canine keeps a baby koala warm and alive is pretty unique and remarkable.

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What A Shock to Find An Unknown Creature In Their Home

Can you imagine the shock of walking into your living room and finding your dog with an unknown creature on its back? The animal on their dog’s back was later identified as a baby koala who was in dire need of warmth.

This event took place during the cold season that would easily have left the baby koala shivering had it not found a willing rescuer. According to the dog’s owners, Asha came home with an unusual passenger clinging to the fur on her back.

It was early morning, so the McKinnons thought that the baby koala was looking for some warmth. Asha had very thick fur. It is likely that the baby koala sought refuge from the cold amidst that luxurious fur.

Kind Canine Keeps A Baby Koala Warm And Surprises His Family

It was Mr. McKinnon who first saw the baby koala on Asha’s back. He then encouraged his wife, Kerry McKinnon, to go take a look. Kerry immediately went downstairs and was clearly caught off guard with what she saw.

Kerry said she definitely did not expect to see a baby koala inside their house, with or without their beloved Asha. However, Kerry was immensely proud of Asha because of the kindness displayed by her incredible gentleness with the baby koala. She also commented on the amazing compassion that Asha showed toward an animal of another species.

In an interview, Kerry said that the baby koala looked confused and kept staring at them blankly. After a few minutes, the koala’s strange attitude no longer mattered to them. Because, by then, the baby koala seemed harmless to them.

The McKinnons permitted the two animals a little time to enjoy each other’s company. After a few minutes had passed, they took the baby koala to the veterinarian to be evaluated. It was in fairly good condition, thanks to Asha keeping her warm and taking her home to safety.

The vet was able to locate a facility where the baby koala was cared for until it could be rehabilitated. Once it was old and strong enough to survive in the wild, Kerry was able to return the sweet baby koala to the wild where it belonged. It would be happier in its natural habitat.


Credits to Zoo Land.

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