Corgi loves the water
Corgis Love the Pool

Are you living under quarantine right now? If you answered yes, we feel your grief. We share your boredom. This brief video clip entitled, “Playful Pack of Corgis Frolic in Swimming Pool” will cheer you up for sure.

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However, it is helpful to keep in mind that this lock-down situation, shall soon be a thing of the past. And once this is all over, hopefully, life will soon get back to how it once was. Maybe we will keep enjoying some of the newfound ways to be with our family at that time. Meanwhile, we have to make do with the temporary lifestyle we’ve been served.

What To Do To Avoid Boredom?

If you have exhausted the Netflix catalog, or you’ve grown tired of Tik Tok’s novelty, there’s something else we can recommend to keep you amused and entertained. Our simple suggestion is for you to watch adorable YouTube videos of dogs. These videos never fail to make a burdened heart grow lighter.

We’ve scoured the annals of YouTube just for you. And today, here’s our carefully chosen video. It features a pack of playful corgis doing what corgis do best; that’s being adorable, of course.

Playful Pack Of Corgis Frolic In Swimming Pool

In the video, we have 12 adorable corgis frolicking in a swimming pool. They all look cute individually. But together, their cuteness is collectively amplified.

Our corgis do not fear the water, as do many dogs. They enjoy getting themselves wet. Corgis are more than competent swimmers, too.

These corgis are up to an adrenaline rush as well. They do not mind going down a water slide. This pack of Corgis appears to enjoy the thrill of speed and acceleration.

Later in the video, the pack of Corgis is joined by several other dogs. They come from different dog breeds. Despite their differences, the dogs all get along.

Watching these dogs of varying breeds enjoy a day in the pool is enough to remind us of our best summer days. Although we might be living under almost unreal circumstances right now, this video helps us recall that it was not always like this. Life used to be fun. Hopefully, it will soon be that way again.

So hang in there, dear reader. has got your back.

Thanks to samcorgi

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