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The rescue of a sad-eyed puppy and her finally having a home is something worth writing about. Sometimes it is hard to remain optimistic – especially when things do not look so great at the moment.

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This little puppy got lucky, and we are so thankful for the human who saved her!

Man rescuing puppy abandoned on the street
Man rescuing puppy abandoned on the street

We don’t have much information on the pup’s history, but we do have loads of pictures in this article that highlights her life before and after her rescue.

puppy alone on the street
Abandoned puppy on street was rescued

The Rescue of A Sad-Eyed Puppy Happened This Way

She looked so sad, and we could imagine why. Being at the mercy of strangers day in and day out would take a toll on anyone. It was bad enough that she had no family to love her or a bed to call her own, she never knew when she would have food to eat.

She cringed and made herself as small as possible when approached. It appeared that she was afraid of being hit or kicked and she wanted to be as small a target as possible. When two lovely ladies petted her and gave her some food, the frightened pup looked so defeated. As terribly afraid as she appeared to be, it was surprising that she let anyone touch, or even come near, her.

Dogs do have indomitable spirits, and Bruhica is living proof. Abandoned, alone, and at the mercy of strangers, she was still willing to trust a human despite her confusion and fear.

Man Picks Up Pup Off The Street
Man Picks Up Pup Off The Street In One Hand

A New Home For The Sad-Eyed Puppy

The nameless stranger, whose kindness was without limit, took her home and cared for her. This kind-hearted individual adopted her and named her Bruhica. She needed a little time to adjust to her new life with its new surroundings and companions.

Bruhica now had two cats for new friends, and we know she wanted to bond with them. But, then her new owner put out a bowl of food and its call was strong. Bruhica initially refused to share with her new-found friends.

puppy sharing food with cat

Bruhica ate until her empty belly was full. She then allowed her newfound friends to share the food and they were content to eat with her. Eventually, she showed trust, gratefulness, and joy in knowing that she was finally in a safe place

rescued pup now more playful
Once abandoned pup now wants to play with rescuer.

Bruhica Transformed Into A Happy Puppy

Her transformation was visible to all who saw her. What a definite improvement! At first, she was shy; then, she started rolling on the grass. As time went by, she explored further, amusing her humans with her joyful antics and playfulness.

This is one resilient pup! Enjoy your new, happy life with your own family, Bruhica!


Image and Video Credits to Stray Paws via YouTube

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