Boris is a former shelter dog who now lives the good life. He went from being a skin-diseased pup to the spoiled dog that he is today. Recently, he turned three. And, this rescued pitbull was given a birthday party!

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Meet Boris

Boris spent most of his puppyhood in a shelter called Needy Paws until Alley and Alex Bardon met him. The couple decided to foster him for two weeks. Over those several days in foster care, Boris showed his sweet and loving nature. The couple fell in love with Boris that they decided to adopt him for good after their foster stint was up.

It’s been three years since the Bardons met Boris, and this sweet pooch is living the best life. They treat him like their only child, and they spoil him to bits.

Not only does he get to wear matching clothes with his parents, but they also let him sleep with them in bed, feed him with yummy treats, and get unlimited amounts of hugs and kisses on-demand.

Looking at Boris today, you would never guess he was that sad puppy living in the shelter. His parents did not just rescue him; they loved him and gave him a great life.

Boris pays them back with love and loyalty. It was no surprise that this rescued Pitbull was given a birthday party!

Boris’ birthday pawty

What’s a party without a yummy cake, some great decors, and a birthday outfit? Well, Boris has them all. Boris’ parents threw him a full-on birthday party, and the pooch loved every minute of it.

First, his parents had set up some decors at the yard with foil balloons saying, “Let’s Pawty.” Next, his mom got him a special peanut butter cake.

Two of his doggie friends attended the party dressed in tutu skirts. His human guests wore custom-made shirts featuring Boris’ portrait.

Boris looked handsome in his bandana printed with “3” as well as a special birthday hat. His parents even hired a photographer to document this special occasion.

Everyone had a blast during the event, especially the celebrant. His “parents” shared the party photos on Boris’ Instagram account. He now has over 40,000 followers.

Boris is pampered and loved now. Despite his sad past, Boris’ loving personality shone when he found his family. Not all dogs may have the same lavish party that Boris had, but all dogs need love, and that’s all that matters.

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