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Sara Ortin, from Barcelona, Spain was about to start her Ph.D. in Primatology. However, before she began the several-years-long course, she wanted to explore the world a bit. She had no idea that she would become known as “the woman who rescues dog while traveling”.

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She had to leave her two dogs at home though she knew that she would miss them a lot. But, she knew that they would be in safe hands. She could trust her family to take excellent care of them.

Sara didn’t have any concrete travel plans. Armed with her backpack and her camera, off she went. Zambia was her first stop. She had been to Zambia before while she was working on her Master’s degree.

How Did Being “The Woman Who Rescued Dog While Traveling+ Change Sara’s Life?

On her previous trip to Zambia, she met Ginger, a sweet and quite shy dog. Ginger was working as a security dog for a company that drills oil. Now that she’s back, it became her mission to help Ginger.

Sara learned that Ginger’s sister had been badly beaten by thieves while she was working as a security dog. Ginger could easily face the same situation and Sara didn’t want that to happen.

When Sara found Ginger, she wanted to adopt her. It was a good thing that the dog’s owner agreed. Sara continued to travel with Ginger by her side. She noticed that the dog was often shaking and showing fear.

Sara showed Ginger that she wasn’t there to harm her. In a few days, Ginger became more relaxed. It was not long before she became the sweet dog that she naturally was. She had some trouble adjusting to being in a car on their travels. However,  within a month’s time, she was able to enjoy it already.

Unfortunately, Sara got malaria. She wanted to go home but did not want to leave Ginger in Zambia. The papers required for Ginger to be able to travel back with her were not yet complete. Sara decided to remain in Zambia with Ginger. She was able to obtain the medical help she needed and was soon better. Finally, they were ready to travel again.

Ginger was the instrument that helped Sara see that there are plenty of strays who need help. That’s why she started a group in Africa that now helps rescue street dogs.



There are many people who, thinking they are rescuing a dog, later realize that the dog was really rescuing them. Here is one such story.


A wonderful story of a dog literally saving a family member by rescuing a baby who fell into the pool is found here. https://excellentdogsclub.com/dog-named-bear-saves-a-baby-from-drowning/

Source: The Dodo

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