There are a few negative There are certain canine breeds that are easy to train and who wouldn’t want one of them? If this is your first time owning a dog, it might seem a bit overwhelming for you to choose the best breed for you and your family. These 7 dog breeds are easily trained.

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You Need to Make A Thoughtful Choice

However, if you consider a few factors, such as your lifestyle and personality, you should be able to come up with the best choice possible. If you want a dog that is easily trained, you may want to consider owning one of the breeds discussed below.

Adopting a dog is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a major responsibility. You have to take complete care of your pet. You must feed him, housetrain him and see to it that he gets the healthy lifestyle he deserves.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose the right breed. You need a dog whose personality will fit into your lifestyle and family activities.

As Usual, Kids Must Be Considered

If you have kids, you might want to think about their safety as well as that of your future pet. If cleanliness is especially important to you, so you might consider the breeds that don’t shed very heavily or a breed that drools very little.

Another important canine personality trait to be considered is how easily trainable they may be. A dog’s ability to follow commands such as sit, stay, down, stand and heel will partially depend upon the dog’s innate trainability. It also depends upon the owner’s consistency and dedication to the training sessions.

Read on to learn a few of the different dog breeds that are, fortunately, easily trainable.

Labrador Retrievers Are Always High On The List of Breeds That Are Easily Trained

Labrador Retrievers are known to be easy to train and are one of the most popular family dogs. This is because they are highly intelligent and get along with people and other dogs as well.

The fact that they possess a cheerful disposition and friendly personality makes training even easier. Since they love and wish to please their owners, they usually accept commands and obedience training easily.

Occasionally, they are known to have a stubborn streak and a thick neck that makes leash training very important. They also tend to chew on things which makes it easier to train them to retrieve objects.

This breed needs lots of exercise and frequent grooming to avoid moderately heavy shedding. High energy dogs that mature slowly, lack of enough exercise leads to rambunctious behavior.

It is important to teach them early on to remain calm indoors, loose-leash walking and not to jump on people.

dog, labrador retriever, brown
Easily trained and fun to show off

German Shepherds Are on Almost Any List of Breeds That Are Easily Trained

Also called Alsatian, the German Shepherds are popular for their intelligence and courage. They originate from Germany and, over the years, served mankind in many capacities requiring varying types of training.

This is one of the most well-known dog breeds that are easily trained. They are often used as Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Max Von Stephanitz was the first official breeder of German Shepherds. He focused on breeding for intelligence, strength and the ability to work well with people. This led to the development of a highly trainable breed. In many polls, it ranks as the number one choice of family dogs.

Easy to groom, German Shepherds are fairly easy to maintain. This breed is eager to play and it is easy for him to get enough exercise daily if given the opportunity. Good nutrition and vet care help him to have a fairly long life span.

Some lines have more problems with hip dysplasia than others so try to avoid those with a strong genetic tendency for this problem. Keeping him off of slick surfaces as much as possible, especially as a puppy, helps to prevent this problem from developing. Not allowing him to gain weight too quickly or to become obese also helps to minimize this problem.

German Shepherd lying on the grass at attention
Waiting for your command, he is ready to obey!

Golden Retrievers

The canine breed is loyal and just like Labradors are eager to please their humans. These dogs need both mental and physical challenges to keep happy. Wonderfully responsive and quick to forgive an owner new to teaching dogs, they can be trained easily.

Goldens are sweet and gentle so they make great family pets. They are steady and have a great temperament. But, because of their size, they need early training to prevent them from accidentally injuring toddlers or frail adults.

They need lots of exercise and frequent grooming.  Their heavy coat mats easily and sheds heavily. It also tends to have a distinctive doggy smell. Unfortunately, this breed does have a tendency for several, serious medical conditions.

dog, puppy, golden retriever
Mom and pup need love, exercise and grooming


Originating from the border region between Germany and France, Poodles are an athletic and energetic breed that moves with great elegance on the obstacle training courses.

Competing with strength and grace, they are often winners in competition classes. They are highly intelligent and can be taught interesting tricks as well as doggy manners.

Because of their eagerness to please their owner they can make a great companion. They are also one of the breeds of dogs that are easily trained.

However, Poodles need lots of human interaction and a great deal of exercise to be healthy mentally and physically. They seem to need mental stimulation as well.

Their coat is the most hypoallergenic of all breeds and sheds very little, making them ideal pets for the allergic dog owner. Poodles enjoy human companionship and have a tendency toward separation anxiety if left alone too often without adequate training.

standard poodle, poodle, black
Daily exercise is a must for this athlete, both mental and physical

Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are an athletic breed that requires daily walking if not outright running. Because they are highly intelligent they make the list of dog breeds that are easily trained. Inadequate exercise and too little companionship can lead to behavioral problems and overall restlessness.

Early socializing can help a Doberman become friendly and stable. It is advisable to let a Doberman grew up with kids if they are going to be part of their life. This means starting with a puppy rather than a grown dog when kids are in the family.

Some Dobermans are big softies and some tend to be more reserved with strangers and very protective. Aggressive personalities are easy for them to develop if they are not socialized early on in their training. Adding a series of tasks to your training sessions can help in minimizing aggressive behavior.

Dobermans make the perfect guard dog and can be ferocious when it comes to dealing with intruders. They have also proven to make wonderful family pets. Choosing the right individual puppy and consistent training while a puppy can help ensure this outcome.

It is vital to provide calm and consistent training with an upbeat and persuasive attitude rather than one that is built on heavy discipline. Teasing and roughhousing are not appropriate for this breed.

No problems with shedding so grooming requirements are minimal. This dog thrives on athletic activities and heavy exercise. Mental challenges, such as those associated with obedience training are important to the happiness of this breed.

woman, dog, high five
Woman and her Dobe Hive HIgh FIves


A wonderful companion in the right hands, this breed is not the best choice for every situation. However, they can be easily trained to follow commands. And, if properly selected and socialized, they make wonderful pets.

They have a strong territorial instinct so early socialization to control this element of their personalities is important.

Most Rottweilers tend to be dominant in nature and will test for a position in the family pecking order with both other dogs and humans. However, they will respect an assertive owner who is leading a strong-willed dog.

These dogs also want to please their owners and can be extremely loyal. These two traits alone are strong reasons why they are listed among the dog breeds that are easily trained.

Rotties require daily physical activities to occupy them for both mental and physical health purposes. Mental exercise is equally important to their well being. Obedience training is a very important part of their basic training.

Usually calm and confident appearing, these muscular dogs make an intimidating deterrent to wrongdoers. This is a two-edged sword. There are a few cons to owning a rottie that you should consider.

  • Public perception
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Law suits occur more often than with most breeds
  • Gassiness
  • Drooling
  • Fairly short life span

In general, with early socialization, ongoing companionship, supervision, and obedience training these dogs can be a great choice. However, without all of the aforementioned activities, they may be too much dog for a family to handle.

Rottweiller in the grass
Gorgeous Gideon in the Grass, Sloan Album

St. Bernard

Saints make a great family friend and protector.  With hearts as big as their huge bodies, they are very affectionate and child-friendly. They are smart and you can train them to follow commands and to perform many different tasks. Saints are frequently seen successfully completing obedience trials.

Exercise and food requirements are modest but these people loving dogs must have lots of human interaction. Rough coated Saints are moderate shedders while the smooth-coated Saints are less so. Depending on the shape of their lip line, they may or may not drool heavily.

It is not uncommon to see a bib around their neck instead of the famous keg seen in many pictures. Although they originally rescued lost travelers in the Swiss Alps, they are more likely to pull sleds or wagons carrying children today.

Rough coat Saint Bernard with a Keg around its neck
Ready to Rescue You

Saint Bernards make excellent pets and family dogs. Although very intelligent, they have very laid back personalities. Furthermore, they are not as driven as some breeds.

You can train these dogs pretty easily. But, even more importantly, they are very loving and loyal. 

The main drawback, often seen in the giant breeds, is a relatively shorter lifespan. You will see differences in life expectancy between some bloodlines within the breed.

Selecting a puppy from a bloodline known to live longer coupled with good nutrition and reasonable exercise will help your best friend live as long as possible.

This St. Bernard is a smooth-coated Champion, Photo from Sloan Album


Photos courtesy of Pixabay
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