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Dog Saved A Couple’s Wedding Day could be the title of this video. In the middle of the wedding ceremony, it took a hilarious turn. What is usually a solemn situation, became one of hilarity because of this wedding day hero.

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Craig, the best man, was asked to come forward and give the couple their wedding rings. To everyone’s surprise, Craig didn’t have the ring with him. He then ran out of the wedding venue.

After this, we saw George, (the French bulldog) on a large video screen. George was in his pajamas and was fast asleep in his bed. He was suddenly awakened by the ringing of a mobile phone that was lying just next to him.

Apparently, the dog was told to bring the ring to the wedding since Craig had forgotten to do so. After turning off the phone ringer, George ambled off the bed and down the stairs. The video then showed the dog running across a beach to the wedding venue.

However, upon arriving at the hotel, George realized that he’s not dressed for the wedding occasion. How could he go to the wedding ceremony dressed in his pajamas? The French bulldog immediately rushed back to the house.

Will Our Hero Make It In Time To Be The Dog That Saved Couple’s Wedding Day?

The video showed the heroic pet jumping into the shower. George then got dressed up in something more appropriate for a wedding. He once more ran across the beach and back to the hotel.

A few moments later, Craig returned to the wedding ceremony with George on his right hand. The heroic pet was in the lead to deliver the bride and the groom’s wedding rings. The couple seemed very happy to see George.

Laura (the bride) and James (the groom) bent low to greet and play with George a bit before the wedding session continued. Everyone in the venue seemed surprised. And, you can hear some wedding guests laughing while speaking in low tones. George appeared to be quite happy to have arrived in time. His happiness was demonstrated by his interaction with the audience.

The wedding officiant then asked George if he had the wedding rings. Laura helped get George’s attention directed to the wedding officiant. George then indicated that he did, indeed, have the rings. At this point, the wedding guests seemed very amused and intrigued by the French bulldog.

Will There Be A Happy Ever After?

Craig removed the wedding ring that James will place on Laura’s finger from his pocket. He presumably already taken it from George upon arrival at the hotel. After that, the wedding seemed to progress smoothly as the video came to an end.

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