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Seeing this unbelievable rescue of a drowning dog may bring tears to your eyes. It will certainly warm your heart.

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This video starts with the rescue team of Animal Aid Unlimited arriving just in time to rescue a drowning street dog.

The young dog seems to be taking its last breath. It barely had the strength to keep it from drowning although the gutter water wasn’t that deep.

Were They Too Late to Make The Unbelievable Rescue Of A Drowning Dog Come True?

The Animal Aid Unlimited set off on a mission to save Phoenix after receiving an emergency call. They were told about a dog that was drowning in a sewer.

Upon arrival, they found the dog collapsed in the drain. Her muzzle was already dipping in and out of the sewer water. Maybe, if they had taken 5 minutes longer, she would have died.

Upon lifting her out of the drain, the rescuers saw that her right leg was lifeless. The leg was totally shattered. Although the young dog was close to taking her last breath, the team worked hard to treat and save her.

Phoenix was rushed to the Animal Aid emergency hospital where veterinarians established that she was in shock. She had a weak pulse and hypothermia was already setting in.

Since Phoenix’s lifeless leg was badly infected, as well as necrotic, it had to be amputated. Once tissue has died (become necrotic) it must be cut out or gangrene can set in and kill the animal.

It Was Really Touch and Go for Three Days

However, she was weak and could not undergo surgery at that time. For three days, the dog’s likelihood of survival hung in the heavens.

During these days, they did all they could to help the dog fight off her infection. They were able to help her regain a bit of her strength and kept her pain bearable.

After three days, she was strong enough to undergo surgery. Her right leg was then amputated.

Several weeks after the successful surgery, Phoenix had made a full recovery. She is now very playful and appears to be extremely happy.

How miraculous was that? We are really grateful to Animal Aid for coming to her rescue! She certainly would have died had they not intervened.

What is in a name? Did her name have anything to do with her survival???

Did you think about the significance of her name in light of this miraculous story? The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is used as a symbol of hope, life, death, and rebirth.

What an appropriate name for a dog who came so close to death and is now enjoying a new and happier life! For a dog rescued from drowning, she has come a long way!!

This unbelievable rescue of a drowning dog could have been in vain. Thankfully, she was rescued by an organization that does not euthanize their rescued dogs.

Animal Aid Unlimited provides vet care, shelter, food and loving attention for as long as it takes to find them a loving home. Kudos to them!

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