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Since the beginning of recorded history, dogs have played an important role in our lives. They are our friends and our companions. We love them so we want and need them to stay healthy. That means you need to know all about boosting your dog’s immune system.

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Regardless of the breed, their immune system plays an important role in keeping them healthy. Our dogs are frequently exposed to areas containing contaminants which may undermine their health.  A strong immune system helps to keep them safe.

Some of these potentially hazardous areas include dog parks, your neighbor’s yard, the vet’s office, and training buildings. This doesn’t mean that restricting your dog to your home is the solution.

Being so confined would stress the poor animal and make him or her more vulnerable to illnesses. The best way to protect your dog from these exposures is to improve your dog’s immunity. There are several ways for boosting your dog’s immune system, as discussed below.

Ways For Boosting your Dog’s Immune System

A dog that exercises regularly has a stronger immune system, as compared to one that does not. Regular exercise for your dog will keep him active and better able to fight off infections. When there’s an infection or a disease outbreak, your furry friend will be less likely to become sick.


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Keeping clean is important. While you do not want to go overboard with this, be sure to wash his toys and bowls frequently. If you have visited an area where he may have been exposed to toxins or infectious matter, be sure to clean his paws and muzzle carefully.

Yes, dogs do need to have their teeth brushed but not several times a day as we do. If your dog simply will not allow this to be done once or twice a week, you can purchase snacks and toys designed to help clean their teeth.


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Keeping your dog free from parasites is important. Parasites can alter your dog’s immune system. Your vet can advise you regarding commercially prepared medications to prevent or treat parasites. You can also find more natural methods with an online search.

Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System Also Depends Upon His Diet

Natural immunity is highly dependent on diet. Feeding your beloved dog a nutritious diet will go a long way to improving his immunity. Ask your vet to recommend a canine diet that contains vital natural substances to help protect against infections and diseases. Regular feeding of a high-quality feed brings you one step closer to a disease-free dog.

Some commercial dog foods contain additives that are designed to stimulate immunity. The better ones only use those derived purely from natural substances. These help to promote your dog’s natural immunity to fight infection.

It is important for you to feed the right balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals every day. If you choose to make your own dog food, consult your vet or a certified dog nutritionist to help you design the best nutritional recipe for your individual dog.

Keep in mind that, as your dog ages or goes through certain stages in life, his nutritional needs will change. This means you will need to change your recipe as well.

DO NOT FEED RAW MEAT OR EGGS. They are good for most dogs but need to be cooked to avoid Salmonella and other pathogens that can make them very sick. If already in a compromised condition, it could kill them.

Whether you feed commercially prepared food or make your own, it is very important that you provide lots of safe, clean water. Make sure they always have a clean bowl of water both inside and out. This is especially important in warm weather. Every organ of his body requires water and it helps to flush out toxins as well.

Probiotics are an excellent addition to your dog’s supplement plan for boosting his immunity. A capsule or two given once or twice every week to 10 days is enough for most dogs.

A Word of Caution

BE VERY CAREFUL WITH HERBAL PREPARATIONS. Not all herbs that are good for humans are safe for dogs. Make no assumptions about the safety of herbs, vitamins or food designed for humans being safe for your dog. For example, did you know that eating grapes or raisins can kill a dog?

Speaking of feeding your dog treats, obesity has become a major problem for dogs. An overweight dog, just like a human, is more likely to develop diabetes than a dog of normal weight. In addition to placing his heart, lungs, and joints under more strain, it can weaken his immune system. It can also damage his liver.

Good Nutrition Is Vital To A Dog’s Health

Proper nutrition, clean water and lots of exercises that are fun help to minimize stress and increase your dog’s immunity. Unfortunately, our environment is not always safe for us or our dogs and even a strong immune system is not enough to protect us completely.

Dangerous chemicals, poisons, and toxins can be found almost anywhere. While we cannot avoid them entirely, we can cut down on our exposure to them dramatically. Since they put a major strain on our immune systems, it is in our best interest to do so.

Household chemicals found in carpet cleaners, polishes, window cleaning solutions, bleach, etc. must be kept out of your dog’s reach. Further, you should rinse carefully any item cleaned with them if your dog can reach them with his mouth. Strangely, some dogs like the taste and can lick enough to become ill.

It is in the best interest of both you and your dog to use natural cleaning products whenever possible. You can find many good articles online informing you how to make or purchase them.

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If you are going to be doing any major remodeling in your home, there are likely to be several potentially risky chemicals involved. If you cannot be sure that your dog will not be exposed to them, you should consider asking a friend to keep him safe during that time.

The hormone Oxytocin is good for both enhancing their mood and for building immune systems. It is stimulated by petting, snuggling, love, and affection; so, give your dog a healthy dose every day! It will benefit both of you!



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Maybe The Best Way of All to Boost Your Dog’s Immune System Is Playtime

While all exercise can be helpful, playtime is especially good for boosting our immune systems. It combines both physical activity and fun in a way that stimulates Oxytocin.

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