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This adventuresome dog escaped from her home. It might surprise you to find out why she escaped and where she went once she did so, all by herself.

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People who have been around dogs very much know how much they dislike going to the vet. But, on the opposite side of the spectrum, our dogs love going to doggie daycare centers.

Although they probably don’t like being groped and groomed by strange humans, it’s still one of their favorite places to go to. They enjoy playing with their doggy friends and getting out of the house, just like we do.

Where and Why This Dog Escaped From Her Home

Recently, in the city of Winnipeg, Canada, a dog escaped from her home and went to the doggie daycare all by herself. This dog with the wander-lust is Gem, a German shepherd cross who just wanted to bring back good memories.

Shawn Bennet, the co-owner of Happy Tails Pet Resort, explained what happened.

It turned out that Gem and her mom used to go to the doggie daycare four times a week. But since the pandemic took over, they only go there only once a week. This just wasn’t enough for Gem. So one day, she decided to escape from their home and go on a little adventure down the street.

Gem lives only several blocks from the doggie daycare, so it was easy for her to find the place. Shawn shared that most of their furry clients are unleashed at the parking lot.

They are able to find their way to the front door on their own. But this is the first time that dog went to their shop unsupervised for several blocks.

Dog Escapes From Her Home to Walk Herself to The Doggy DayCare
Dog Escapes From Her Home to Walk Herself to The Doggy Day Care

A Real Surprise For The Daycare

When Gem approached the door that evening, she was spotted by one of the daycare staff. As usual, she was let in by the staff member.

The man was seen on the security footage waiting for Gem’s mom, but nobody followed her. When they let Gem’s mom know about what happened, she was surprised.

But Gem’s mom also felt a little guilty because she understood that Gem probably misses her friends from the daycare. She let Gem stay there for one full day after the incident. Hopefully, this will mean that Gem will be taken there more frequently, just like before.

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Credits: CTV News

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