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A photo booth for dogs?? Quarantine has all of us looking for ways to entertain ourselves. After a while, we run out of things to do within the confines of our own homes.

While others spent the lockdown making TikTok videos, creating viral recipes, and home workouts, just to name a few, Simone Giertz dedicated this time to do what she does best—with inventions.

Simone has quite a reputation. Unfortunately, she is known as the “Queen of Shi__y Robots”. She shares her ingenious projects on YouTube. Oh, you may have heard or seen a bunch of them. She has designed:

  • an alarm clock that slaps her awake,
  • a lipstick robot that can serve as her personal make-up artist,
  • a breakfast machine if you’re too busy to prepare on your own,
  • and most recently, a photo booth made out of Legos from where her dog can take selfies!

Yes, you heard that one right. A photo booth. And for her dog, no less.

A Photo Booth For Dogs has a cute white dog posing for photo
A Photo Booth For Dogs made of Legos is a new idea

Just How Does A Photo Booth For Dogs Work?

Her latest quirky invention is made out of Legos. She took advantage of its programmable robot sets called Mindstorms for its mechanical operations. The photo booth works through a pedal that mobilizes a circuit board to a treat container and camera.

Pressure on the pedal triggers a click from the camera and dispensing of the treat. Giertz says that this mechanism entailed a lot of trial and error before she got it right.

However, the test was worth the time and effort. It generated some unexpected but entertaining selfies. Her dog gets a treat, Simone gets a photo and everyone is happy. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Scraps, her dog, was able to produce some very precious photos. In the video, Simone remarks that the project would be more fun if her dog had other friends to try the photobooth out, so she put out a robot dog to test out the machine.

However, Scraps did not particularly like the idea of sharing the limelight, let alone her treats.

We can’t blame you, Scraps! We’d prefer keeping all the treats and all the attention to ourselves any day of the week, too!

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Credits: Simone’s official Twitter account

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