Family dog save toddlere who fell into pool

A mother named Patricia Drauch is extremely thankful to her dog for saving the life of her 14-month-old son Stanley. The toddler had fallen into their backyard swimming pool. Jumping into the swimming pool just in time, the dog named Bear saves a baby from drowning.

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A Dog Named Bear Saves A Baby From Drowning, But How?

The incident happened when Patricia needed to get something from their garage. En route to the garage, she thought that her son was following her and that he was just behind her. Moments later, when Patricia realized that Stanley was not there, she immediately rushed to the yard to look for him.

When Patricia reached the yard, she was horrified to see that her son had fallen into the pool. The toddler seemed to be floating in the swimming pool with his face towards the sky.

Thankfully, Patricia ‘s Labrador Retriever named Bear was in the backyard as well. The moment that the child fell into the water, Bear jumped into the pool to save the child from drowning. Somehow, Bear propped the boy up in a way that the face of the 14-month-old could stay out of the water.

No Cell Service Meant No Way to Call 911

Patricia immediately pulled Stanley out of the swimming pool and tried to call 911. Terrifyingly, she was unable to get cell phone service. Stanley’s skin was blue at that time and Patricia was not sure if Stanley was breathing or not. The desperate mother raced to her car with her baby in her arms, heading to the nearby fire department for help.

While on her way, Patricia was finally able to get through to 911. Finally, the paramedics were able to check the child and found him to be okay. The toddler was then admitted to the hospital for a thorough evaluation and period of observation. He was released later in the day when they found him to be in good shape.

Patricia stated that the dog shares a very strong bond with her kids. Patricia always told Bear to watch over her children, and that is exactly what he did.

Watch as a dog named Bear saves a baby from drowning in this video.

Source: Wood TV8 via Youtube

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