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Fostering dogs is an amazing experience. Fostering not only frees up much-needed space and supplies in shelters for other dogs, but it also prepares the dogs for a life with their future adopted family. However, although fostering dogs is a very gratifying experience, it’s also an incredibly emotional one as well. You can imagine how touching it would be when a puppy sees “Foster Mom” at a reunion!

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Once bit, twice shy!

Katy Brink is a self-identified dog lover. However, she was hesitant to foster dogs again because two of her dogs were foster “fails”. Katy became too attached to them to let them be adopted into another home.

Katy ended up adopting two dogs after fostering them. So, she was reluctant to foster another dog because she feared that she might become overly attached once again, She was not planning on adding another dog to the family at this time.

But, the doggone pups were too cute to turn down!

However, Katy was emailed by a rescue group about thirteen newborn rescue puppies in need of foster homes. When she saw the puppies and learned about their story, Katy could not refuse to help. She decided to give fostering another chance. She wanted to be a part of something that would make a positive difference in the lives of the puppies.

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One of two puppies later saw his foster mom at a reunion

Katy was given two puppies to foster. She named one of the puppies, Luna and the other, Libby. Both puppies were so cute, but Katy fell in love with Luna, who happened to be the runt of the litter.

Katy was nervous when she first brought the two puppies home. She already had two very active and large dogs in her home. However, when her dogs met the puppies, Katy saw that she had nothing to worry about.

One of Katy’s dogs, Sasha, was exceptionally gentle with Luna. Sasha tolerated Luna crawling all over her and initiating play with her. She eventually adopted Luna as her own puppy.

Katy also took Luna and her sister, Libby, to her workplace. There, they get to enjoy playing with four other puppies who were being fostered by Katy’s coworkers.


Time to see if Katy could let them go.

The time finally came when the dogs were old enough to be adopted. Katy knew that it would be tough for her to say goodbye to Libby and Luna. Katy’s standards were high for potential parents for Libby and Luna, and she would go through all the adoption applications she received.

Eventually, she noticed an application that stood out. The application was from a woman named Chrissy Rivera. When Katy read her application, she knew that they really were a dog family and that this was the forever family for Luna.

And, Katy was right. Luna thrives living with the Rivera family. Chrissy was so thankful that Katy picked them to be Luna’s parents. Luna’s new “Mom” couldn’t help but get emotional when talking about how Katy changed their lives by selecting them to adopt Luna. Chrissy and her family keep in touch with Katy and promise to always update her about what’s happening with Luna.

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Now, in looking back….Puppy sees foster mom at reunion.

Six months after all the puppies were adopted, the animal rescue group who saved the litter of puppies scheduled a reunion between the foster parents and the puppies. When Katy was informed about the reunion, she was very excited that she’d see Libby and Luna again.

On the day of the reunion, all of the puppies got to see each other again. With so much excitement and energy among the puppies, Chrissy hoped that Luna would recognize Katy. When Chrissy walked in with Luna, Luna immediately went to Katy and gave her kisses.

It was an emotional reunion between Luna and Katy. It was also a fun-filled day where everyone caught up with each other as well. Katy and the rest of the foster parents knew that the puppies that they had fostered of are in good hands.

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