Way too often, acts of kindness go unnoticed. That is not the case for Bong Sun. This special dog thanks the man who buried her brother every chance she gets.

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Loyal dog saddened by the loss of her brother

Bong Sun’s a small, white puppy who loved to play around. with her brother. Unfortunately, one day, her brother was accidentally killed. A kind man took the time to bury her brother and to have a small funeral ceremony. Bong Sun seemed to understand what took place and never forgot the man who held a funeral for her brother.

Even now, Bong Sun runs in excitement whenever she sees the kind man.  Her owners say that she is pretty much indifferent to them, but not to the man she evidently considers her best friend. She reacts to them in very different ways.

They think she is a great dog, and they love her for her loyalty to the man who buried her brother. However, they do wish that she would display more energy with them. They love her, too.

Dog Thanks The Man Who Buried Her Brother By Becoming His Best Friend

This man thanks Bong Sun for the friendship. Sadly, he has been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. And, he says that without his faithful friend, the fight would have been much more challenging to handle.

We don’t know if Bong Sun sensed that her friend suffered from a disease, but we’re glad that they seem to draw strength and happiness from each other. It also looks like the Bong Sun’s owners understand the situation and are supportive of their friendship. They deserve kudos for their allowing Bong Sun to spend so much time with her best friend.

Good girl, Bong Sun. Your best friend must go through surgery and will have to stay away for several weeks. However, we are sure that he will fondly recall the many happy memories the two of you have made until he can see you again.

Bong Sun probably senses that there’s something serious is taking place. She may feel as though something big is about to happen. Clearly, she is concerned about her favorite human and wants to spend as much time with him as possible.

Here is a story about a study that proves dogs can tell when their human is upset. https://happymutt.org/study-shows-your-dog-feels-when-you-are-upset-and-in-need-of-help/

Thank you for reminding us that life is short and that we need to make the most of it. That date on the beach looks relaxing, and both parties look like they’re enjoying another happy memory together. We pray that everything goes well and that the two of you are soon back to enjoying time spent together for many years to come.

Two friends on the beach, a man and a dog
Man and his best friend at the beach.

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Photo and video credits to SBS TV via YouTube

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