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Back in 2008, an injury crippled Janie’s eight-year-old pooch, Sammi. First, Janie noticed that Sammi found it hard to walk and was limping. After two weeks, the dog’s condition worsened, and he could not balance himself when getting up.

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This made Janie very concerned about her dog, so she decided to take Sammi to the veterinarian. Before it was all said and done, this formerly paralyzed dog miraculously walks to his owner.

After a series of tests on Sammi, the vet concluded that the dog had a spinal injury. An additional test conducted showed that the dog had a slipped disk below his neck. This explains why the pooch had difficulty in walking or even balancing his body.

This development devastated Janie, but she could not show her vulnerabilities to her dog. She thought that she had to be resilient for her pooch. Janie received some advice from the veterinarian that the dog should undergo an operation to address the problem.

Even though her dog is already old, Janie said she believes Sammi will survive this ordeal. The dog underwent the operation and stayed in the hospital for about nine days to recover. But after the surgery at the California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE) in Santa Monica, the dog could still not walk.

But instead of getting disheartened, Janie said she trusts that the pooch will soon walk again. She asked the veterinarian, Dr. Jessica, to do whatever is necessary to help the pooch. Dr. Jessica and the rest of the CARE staff did everything they could to help the dog walk again.

The staff tried therapy sessions on Sammi to correct his mobility issue while Dr. Jessica spearheaded the dog’s rehabilitation. After three months of continuous treatment, the dog regained his motor skills and was able to walk.

Staff from CARE decided to surprise Janie with this development. They phoned her to come over the clinic because Dr. Jessica has something to say to her. When she arrived, Janie started crying when she saw Sammi walking again.

Formerly Paralyzed Dog Miraculously Walks To His Amazed Owner

Credits to California Animal Rehabilitation.

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