Mother dog and her baby
Mama Dog and One of Her Pups

This is an amazing story of how a canine Mom finds a home for her babies when she herself is homeless. Survival is the utmost priority for animals.

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Mother dogs also seek the best conditions possible for their offspring. They will do all they can to make sure that their puppies have a chance to survive. Sometimes their decisions may seem strange to us.

Learn How This Mom Finds A Home For Her Babies

This is a story about a stray dog named Baeksoon and her strange relationship with Jangoon, another dog. She visits him regularly but it isn’t really him she goes to see so faithfully. It is her puppies.

Baeksoon chose to whelp (deliver) her puppies and to leave them with Jangoon. She must have had an incredible amount of trust in her friend to make such an unusual decision.

Baeksoon had no place to take them and her maternal instinct to keep them safe drove her to leave them with a trusted friend, Jangoon. Luckily, his owner is a good man and he kept an eye on things.

Jangoon Is Not The Puppies’ Daddy

According to Jangoon’s owner, the two dogs are not a couple. He is quite sure that Jangoon is not the father of the puppies. Nevertheless, he is taking responsibility for the pups. So is his owner.

The owner went as far as to conduct a DNA test. As expected, Jangoon isn’t the father of the puppies. Still, Jangoon doesn’t mind the puppies’ presence. He also seems to enjoy seeing their mother when she visits.

According to an animal behaviorist, Baeksoon knew Jangoon to be gentle and caring. That’s why she decided to entrust her puppies to him. They needed a safe home and he could give that to her babies.

However, Baeksoon didn’t know Jangoon’s owner so she kept leaving any time he showed up. Her homeless situation meant she had no safer place to take her babies. She visited them whenever she could.

Jangoon’s Owner Is Also A Kind Soul

Jangoon’s owner was also a kind soul. He wanted to make the situation better for the mama and her babies. So, he decided to ask the local dog rescuers to help him capture Baeksoon.

They knew she would return to see her babies. She came often to nurse them and to play with them. They created a safe way to trap her the next time she came to visit her puppies.

It was a simple design. When Bakesoon entered the pen where her puppies live, a door closed, trapping her inside. Baekson was not hurt in any way but it did make her anxious.

The owner waited for Baeksoon to calm down before entering the enclosure. Fortunately, she was very gentle and never growled. The man was able to pet her without any issues.

He was as kind as Jangoon had always been to her and her babies. It did not take long for Baekson to warm up to the man and to trust him as well.

The owner sent Baeksoon to the veterinarian to be medically examined. The vet discovered that she had several health issues that needed to be treated.

She had heartworms and another disease that was caused by ticks. Fortunately, her condition was manageable and could be treated with medication.

Jamgoon’s owner had another plan in place as well. After Baeksoon recovers, they have a place for her to stay. Her new forever home is with them.

Baeksoon and her puppies can finally live in the same place. They can spend lots of time together until the pups are old enough to be adopted.

Jangoon’s owner will insist on each pup going to a very good forever home. He is in no hurry to get rid of them and neither is Baeksoon or Jangoon.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals via YouTube.

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