Mother’s Love is the first love any of us know. This is true for both humans and for dogs. As a mother, I can honestly say that our first and last thoughts are about our children. My own mother loved and cared for me from the day I was born until until her last breath.

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Mothers are known to go without many things to provide for their children.  They willingly give up the food off their plates and the clothes off their backs to see that their kids have what they need. They may suffer silently, if necessasry, to keep their babies safe.

A Mother’s love is not limited to humans. This loving mother finally found a way to find something edible, and instead of eating it all herself, she thought of her babies. She took the food to her hungry babues and led someone to them for help.

“Mama” successfully begged for grill chicken. She eargerly took the food to her hungry babies. The next time she went begging for food, she was followed by a kind person who followed her. He wanted to know where she was going.

The man knew that animal mothers can be very protective of their babies, especially around strangers. He realized that she was taking the food to her young litter of puppies and that he might not be welcome.

It was obvious that the mother dog needed help. She was excessively thin but her puppies appeared healthy. Surprisingly, the mother allowed the man to help her take care of her babies. Instead of reacting aggressively toward the man, they became friends.

This is a very touching and heart-warming video clip that needs to be shared with mothers everywhere. It might encourage you to give your own mom a special hug and thank you as well.

If you no longer have a mother to hug, take a moment to reflect upon one of your favorite memories of her.

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As Wife, Mother of 5, and Nana of many more, I have known and loved many dogs who were treasured members of our family. My education, experiences in showing, breeding, and developing pedigree-based breeding programs for others gives me a strong background upon which to base articles of interest to most dog lovers. However, it is my great love for dogs that gives me the passion to share them with other dog lovers.


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