Being rescued from a onesie by a sibling might not seem to unusual but it is more so when the siblings happen to be dogs! The family needs to be more careful about leaving clothes lying around.

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Oscar is a Dachshund but is often called a “Weiner Dog”. He can easily fit into human clothes left lying around. He has been known to slide into pants, PJs and sweatshirts on occasion.

Until recently, Oscar has never had trouble getting out of the clothes when he wanted to do so. I guess this was why Oscar never hesitated to make himself comfortable wearing the clothes.

Oscar did not realize that getting stuck in the clothes was even a possibility. Was he ever in for a surprise! Here is the story of how it happened.

Oscar lives with his best friend, Zesty Mike.He told his girlfriend that he had only left Oscar alone long enough to go to the Men’s Room. When he returned he found Oscar bundled up in a onesie.

Oscar was all wrapped up and comfy. The onesie was so cosy and watm he just could not resist wearing it! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in one of them?

How Did The Onesie Become A Problem?

Apparently, Onesies are not hard to get into, even for Oscar. However, when if comes to him getting out of one, it is a different story. Oscar forgot which way was out!

Although Oscar could see the light at the end of the sleeve, he could not tell that he was too big to slip through it. Not a particularly large dog, Oscar was still too large to get through that hole!

Oscar struggles to free himself. But, lucky for him, his sister Nora (a Husky) was right there to rescue him. Of course she made a little fun of him for causing the problem to begin with before doing so.



Not all siblings are of the same species. I think you will love this video clip of siblings interacting. 

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