This article is about how a woman saved more than 2000 dogs, starting with little Chiko. Francesca Montoneri has lived in Bali, Indonesia, for about 15 years. Her greatest desire in life is to save stray dogs.

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A Day In The Life Of A Woman Who Saved More Than 2000 Dogs

Francesca loves to spend her time rescuing stray dogs and helping them get back into shape. It gives her unimaginable pleasure to do this.

Our heroine tells us that she is always there to feed as many stray dogs as she can find. This is true even when she is not feeling well.

Whether the sun is shining or it is raining outside, she feeds the stray dogs.  Francesca said that feeding stray dogs takes a lot of dedication. Not many people are willing to make this kind of commitment.

Francesca wakes up early every morning to prepare the dogs’ food. She tries to distribute them all before lunch. She knows the dogs are hungry and that they depend upon her to feed them.

Francesca does her best every day to help as many homeless animals as she possibly can. When asked how she got started rescuing dogs, she recalled how it all began.

The First Rescue of the Over 2000 Dogs

One day, over ten years ago, Francesca was walking around without any intention of looking for a dog to save. When she noticed a tiny creature right in the middle of the road, she walked closer.

She was very curious as to what kind of animal it might be. Francesca was surprised to see that it was a tiny puppy. He was curious as well and quickly walked towards her with his little tail wagging.

Francesca immediately took the pup to the vet. She knew that he needed to be examined. The tiny puppy had to stay at the hospital for two weeks. He was severely ill.

Before leaving the pup under the veterinarian’s care, Francesca named him Chiko. She thought it was important for him to have his own name even if he did not have his own family.

Francesca took Chiko home for foster as soon as the doctors gave her the signal that he was good to go. The medical care he received at the vet’s office and the love from Francesca transformed the little pup.

Francesca shared that she did not have a car or staff to help her feed the dogs. However, Francesca managed to help more than 2,000 dogs in over a decade.

This wonderful woman treats all the stray dogs that she encounters like little children. Francesca admitted that she needs dogs more than they need her.

These dogs give her great joy and bring fulfillment to her life. It appears to be a two-way street for Francesca and the dogs she has rescued.

(WARNING: There is a brief section with a very thin puppy before it is rehabilitated but the rest of the video is so uplifting I would hate for you to miss it just to avoid that tiny segment)




Source: The Dodo via Facebook

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