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Does this Pit Bull think he is a cat? Dogs are naturally social creatures. They are very gregarious and love being in groups.

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It is this behavior that makes it easy for them to pick up a habit from their families. Some dogs like to sit on the furniture as their owners do. Others enjoy watching TV.

However, most love cuddling with their humans on the sofa. Sometimes they even tuck themselves into their bed.


What Made Them Think The Pit Bull Thinks He Is A Cat?

Bethany and Samantha Castiller adopted Mako from a local animal shelter. They soon began to wonder about 2-year-old Mako’s former family.

Mako never barked, which appeared to be unusual, considering how old he was. He didn’t even seem to like dog treats, and that was very weird.

Nevertheless, Mako still loved food, as his owners found out. This fussy dog especially loved cat treats.

Pit Bull thinks he is a cat and climbs on refrigerator
Pit Bull thinks he is a cat and climbs on the refrigerator

When Mako hopped onto the countertop and then to the table, the women realized what was going on. He had been raised with cats in his former home.

That is where the observant dog had picked up on feline behavior. This explains why and how Mako had managed to get on top of the fridge. It seemed that his cat siblings had taught him how to climb.

pit bull thinks he is a cat and climbs on the counter with a cat friend
Pit Bull thinks he is a cat and climbs on the counter with a cat friend

Bethany said that whenever Mako saw any of the cats on the counters, he would immediately join them. Evidently, Mako wants to be with the cats all the time.

pit bull and cat taking a walk outside
Pit Bull who thinks he is a cat takes a walk with his feline friend

If the Pit Bull isn’t with them, he is definitely with the cats. Mako is now nicknamed as “pittycat” by his owners. Fortunately, they still give him plenty of love.

Bethany said that they joke around, saying that they didn’t pick Mako. They insist that he picked them. When they first met Mako, his back was to the cage. It was like he was playing hard to get. (sound like a cat?)

When they started patting his back, he turned around. The moment he looked them in the eye, they fell in love with him.

Even if Mako thinks and acts like he is a cat, he still gives them unconditional love. He is now a member of their family and well-loved just as he is, counter climbing and all.

Source mako_thecatdog via Instagram

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