Senior dog needs a home
Could you love an old dog with health problems?

When people go to the shelter to adopt a dog, they usually pick a younger one. The older the dogs get, the less likely it is that they will be adopted. As sad as this is to think about, it is a current reality. This story about how a couple adopts a senior Chihuahua is not an everyday occurrence.

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Rescued senior dogs deserve forever homes just as much as do the younger dogs. They need a home where they can live out the rest of their remaining lives in comfort with a family that loves them.

Thankfully, there are a few people who are willing to adopt senior dogs. These people know that senior dogs want and need love as much as any other dog. Age has nothing to do with love.

A Very Special Couple Adopts A Senior Chihuahua

A couple named Raquel and V.J. decided that they were ready to adopt a dog. Raquel works as a volunteer for an animal shelter. Therefore, she has seen first-hand how senior dogs get left behind.

Whenever someone comes in to adopt a dog, almost one hundred percent of the time, they will choose an energetic puppy. Sadly, the senior dogs would be lying quietly at the back of the kennel.

Senior dog waiting to be chosen
Senior dog waiting to be chosen


It is not that Raquel and V.J. just feel sorry for senior dogs. They simply know that they can be great pets. Senior dogs may not have the same amount of energy as a puppy, but they know how to love.

Not Only Old But Also With Health Issues

When the time came to adopt a dog, Raquel and V.J. decided to adopt a senior Chihuahua named Mr. Crowley. Mr. Crowley is an adorable senior Chihuahua who had a few health issues.

He had a collapsed trachea, which made him sound like a duck when he barks. Not only that, but he also had a luxating patella. This means that he couldn’t walk for long distances or for extended periods.

Mr. Crowley also only had half of his lower jaw. This made his tongue stick out all the time,. Furthermore, he only has two remaining teeth. So, Mr. Crowley had to be put on a special diet.

Despite having all these medical conditions, Raquel and V.J. were not deterred. They were determined to give Mr. Crowley the best life possible, however long or short that life might be.

chihuahua on a chair


The couple set out to enjoy life to the fullest with Mr. Crowley sharing each adventure. Raquel and V.J. went traveling all over the world and took Mr. Crowley with them. During their global travel, Raquel and V.J. realized that they had grown closer as a couple thanks to Mr. Crowley.

It is highly likely that Mr. Crowley would never have been adopted if Raquel and V.J. had not chosen him. Had he been left behind in the shelter it is almost certain he would have been euthanized fairly soon.

Here’s a heartwarming and adorable video. It shows just how good a life a senior dog can still have despite having health issues. Senior dogs need and deserve love as much as all other dogs, regardless of age.

Mr. Crowley is an excellent example of how senior dogs can be a beloved family member. This is the kind of message we need to share far and wide. People need to know that Senior dogs need loving homes, too.

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Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


Photos Courtesy of Pixabay


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