small white dog in a backpack
Dog in a backpack

Arong is an impressive motorcycle riding dog. He is also a super-clingy dog. He cannot stand being left behind and insists on going with his owner wherever she goes. That’s because these two have such a strong bond.

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She also feels very close to him and hates leaving him every time she goes to work. Whenever it was time for her to leave for work, Arong would try to ride on her motorcycle. However, she never allowed him to do so because it was too dangerous.

Arong would continue to follow her as long as he could keep her in his sight. It made her sad to see him so desperately trying to catch up with her. But, she kept his safety in mind.

She knew that it is very dangerous for a dog to ride on a motorcycle. It is even more dangerous when the dog is unrestrained. She had no choice but to sadly watch him try to catch up with her every time she left.

The Day He Became An Impressive Motorcyle Riding Dog

One day, when she was on her bike, Arong climbed up on her shoulder and balanced himself there. She was very worried, but Arong refused to get down.

He clung to her as though his life depended on him being there. She was running late for work and self that she had no choice but to travel with Arong on her shoulder.

She was amazed by how well Arong balanced himself. No matter how she moved on the motorcycle, Arong quickly adjusted himself. His amazing balance prevented him from falling.

After that first amazing time, she continued to go to work with him balanced on her shoulder. Since he was able to maintain his balance so well, she thought it was ok to take him to work with her.

Still, she worried that his balance might not be enough to keep him safe. She wanted a better way to protect him while riding with her.

Finally, she came up with the bright idea of allowing him to ride in a travel bag. She went to the local pet store and purchased a sturdy backpack that was the right size for him. It fit him perfectly.

Dog riding safely in a backpack
Dog in a backpack

With this backpack, she can safely take Arong wherever she goes. She doesn’t have to worry about him keeping his balance on her shoulder. Arong can ride comfortably inside the bag.

This is the safest way he can ride with her. If she needs or wants to take him anywhere, it has to be on her motorcycle.  He is much safer riding in the backpack, and they get to be together all day.

In closing

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Maybe this is true. This may not be the most ideal situation but it is certainly safer than any other option available to her.

Source SBS TV via YouTube

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