Not all shelter dogs are fortunate enough to have a dream come true. Bentley is a Bloodhound who beat the odds. However, the path to happiness was not an easy one

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Like many other rescue dogs, Bentley got off to a rough start as a puppy. To begin with, he had a problem trusting people. Sometimes, he demonstrated aggressive behavior.  They considered him a problem because of these things.

What Initially Prevented His Dream Come True From Happening

As you know, Bloodhounds are large dogs and tend to drool. Bentley also suffered from severe allergies. His physical attributes limited the adopters interested in taking him home with them.

Bloodhound in a harness
Bloodhound finally has a dream come true

When you add his lack of trust and tendency to be aggressive to the equation, finding the right family for him was not easy. As a matter of fact, Bentley was adopted and returned to the shelter 4 times.

Eventually, Bentley was blessed to be found by someone who realized that he was not a bad dog. She knew that Bentley’s behavior problems were caused by his environment and how he had been treated.

Meet The Woman Who Made The Dream Come True

KaTarra Taylor is the woman who ultimately rescued Bentley. KaTarra shared Bentley’s adoption story on Facebook. 

I took him in at 4. I was his 5th home and everyone had given up on him. He was destructive, aggressive, and untrusting. I was in a 1 bedroom apartment but I couldn’t let him go back to the rescue again after not doing well at my parents home. I worked tirelessly to leash train him, treat his anxiety, diagnose and treat his severe allergies, and break his aggression.”

bloodhound on a cushiom
Bentley in his new home

Making The Dream Come True Took Some Help

Ka Tarra demonstrated the greatest patience with Bentley. Although her boyfriend, Nick Evenson, insisted that the did not like the bloodhound, he was patient with Bentley as well.   

Together, they figured out a few things about Bentley. They knew he had spend most of his life in a shelter. This means he never had enough space to romp and play without being on a leash or to feel the grass beneath his paws.

It was a challenge for them to find a rental property that would accept a dog the size of a bloodhound in Colorado Springs. They eventually realized that if they wanted to give Bentley a yard they would have to purchase a house.

The Yard That Made Bentley’s Dream Come True

Ka Tarra and Nick purchased a town house. Although the townhouse did have a yard, it was covered over with concrete. The couple knew that Bentley’s opportunity to play or even to sleep on grass had been very limisted. He had spent most of his life on the concrete floor of a shelter.

Until this point, Bentley’s only experience on the grass had been at a park when they took him for a walk. Nick and KaTarra made up their minds to make Bentley’s dream come true! KaTarra shared on Facebook that her boyfriend turned the concrete covered backyard into green grass.

Nick was able to work his construction magic and to complete the task in one day! He was able to make Bentley’s dream come true for under $400. Where there had once been a backyard covered in concrete was now a lush, green yard for Bentley to run. play or to take a nap.

man drilling our concrete
Making a dream come true

How Did Bentley Respond to Having His Dream Come True?

 After living in cages with concrete floors in shelters for years, Bentley was thrilled to be able to stretch out on the thick, green grass for a nap. And, later on in the year, he also enjoyed playing in the snow in his own back yard!


Kudos to this wonderful couple who were willing to take on a “problem dog” and to go to such lengths to make Bentley’s dream come true. Not many people would go to this much effort to make a rescue dog happy.

Bentley came to them with problems trusting people but he soon learned how to love. Bentley waited for years to have a family of his own. Finally, he has the home he deserves. Lucky for him,  and it has lots of lush green grass for him to enjoy.


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Original story courtesy of the Facebook group Dogspotting Society.

Additional photos courtesy of Pixabay

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