Dressed as an unicorn to walk the dogs

Can you imagine why anyone dresses up as an unicorn to walk their dogs? This dog owner decided on this as a response to the forced pandemic-induced lockdown.

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty worldwide. The government immediately implemented forced lockdowns in an effort to arrest the further spread of the virus. These lockdowns created a feeling of isolation and gloom for many people.

The Problem: Doom and Gloom

Residents from Bradenton, Florida, were facing too much doom and gloom. One of these residents felt that it was necessary for someone to be a bright ray of sunshine. Not only does she want to bring joy to people, she also knows the importance of bringing happiness to dogs as well.

This naturally optimistic person is Tiffany Roehr. One day in March 2020, she decided to take her two dogs for a walk to give them their much-needed exercise even during the pandemic.

The Solution: She Dresses Up As An Unicorn

But this particular dog walk wasn’t everybody’s idea of a normal dog walk. In order to lift the spirits of both her dogs and her neighbors, she put on an inflatable unicorn costume. She then joyfully walked her two lovely dogs on the neighborhood streets.

According to the media outlet Newsflare, the two dogs were not scared of the giant unicorn behind them who happily bobbed its head while walking them. Apparently, the neighbors enjoyed the unusual walk as well.

The Result: Increased Joy In the Neighborhood

This incident was so amusing that it quickly spread on the Internet and received a lot of praise. Many people were surprised that Tiffany thought about the emotional as well as physical needs of her dogs during these challenging times.

Also, they praised Tiffany’s positive attitude and her wonderful act of providing happiness to everyone in her small way. They consider themselves lucky to have someone like her as a neighbor and appreciated her extra effort to lighten their moods.

Certainly, Tiffany’s Fur Babies are lucky to have a positive and happy human mother like her. She not only considers both their mental and physical welfare, but she is willing to make the effort needed to improve both.

Tifannyhas yet to decide when she might take another joyful stroll around the neighborhood as a jolly unicorn again with her Fur Babies in tow.  However, one thing is sure, her new-found fans are craving for more — including her dogs.

Source: C. Olmstead via Dog Dispatch

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