man and black puppu behind the wheel of a car
Fur Baby's First Driving License

Dogs love learning new skills from their human parents. No matter what their parents teach them, canines do everything to perfect it and please them. Thus, one adorably eager pup takes driving lessons from his human dad.

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Watch how the eager pup concentrates on learning how to drive its human dad’s car. Despite forgetting one crucial thing during the practice, it seems the little dog was unperturbed as it carried on with the task.

Oh, so this is how you drive a car.

In this amusing video, a black-furred puppy sits on its “dad’s” lap. With the way the pair position themselves, it looks like Dad and the pup are ready to go for a short trip on the road.

man teaches pup to drive
Eager pup takes driving lessons

However, unlike most puppies that contentedly sit in the passenger seat, this particular pup takes driving lessons from Dad. And, it seems Dad’s also eager to train his furry friend as he starts teaching it the basics.

For the first few seconds, the driving lesson’s going smoothly. At the beginning, the puppy places its front paws on the steering wheel while looking at the road. But, no matter how eager the little pup was, tiredness soon crept in and one of its paws inevitably slid off the wheel.

Two paws on the wheel, pup.

Noticing that one of its paws was off the wheel, the quick-witted puppy immediately replaces its leg on the steering wheel and acted as if nothing happened. But, Dad’s quick to notice the dog’s mishap.

Thus, Dad immediately corrects the puppy’s mistake and places its paw on the steering wheel. Dad then gently reminds the pup to always keep his two paws controlling the steering wheel while driving.

man with pup in his lap and paws on the steering wheel
Eager Pup Takes Driving Lesson From Human Dad and forgets to keep both paws on the wheel

With this, the pup’s “mom” can’t help but giggle at the pair’s funny scenario. But, amidst the comical slip-up, the puppy carries on with its driving lesson like nothing peculiar happened.

Want to see this adorably eager puppy’s driving lesson? Tap the video link below to see everything in live-action.

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Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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