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You will enjoy watching these gorgeous Goldies recruit their baby sister for a food heist. Babies and puppies are a hard combination to beat, aren’t they? When they join up, it is bound to be entertaining. Enjoy!

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Clever alliances can result in excellent outcomes. They make achieving a particular goal much more likely. Alliances have been so effective throughout human history that major empires and nations continue to use them today.

Apparently, small humans and their large, fluffy canine companions also appreciate the importance of alliance! Furthermore, their happy-go-lucky personalities and sweet, adorable faces can fool us.

Although known for their loving and friendly natures, Goldies are also very smart and they can be cunning when necessary. A prime example of this would be two Golden Retrievers named Colby and Bleu.

These brothers are known to use these traits when needed. And, by doing so, they have already mastered the art of getting yummy treats from their family — the Cardinals.

These energetic siblings have been using “tried and true” strategies with some success for quite a while now. One of their favorite ploys is to “hide” under their baby sister’s highchair.

They sit there barking toward their “Parents” bedroom until they come to see what is wrong. But it seems that the dogs have been planning a better way to get their food — fast.

A Brief Diversion

At least, they are not dealing with an appetite like Audrey II! Poor Seymour had it even harder trying to find a plan to keep her fed. If this reference is not familiar to you, check out Little Shop of Horrors. It is a great movie, especially the music

Audrey II plant and Seymour

Golden Retrievers Wake The Baby Early In The Morning
Goldies Recruit Their Baby Sister For A Food Heist

Goldies Recruit Their Baby Sister For A Food Heist

Just like all great strategists, the dogs reconsidered their previous methods of obtaining food early in the morning. They decided that a major change in their strategies would be required to achieve an improved and more desirable outcome.

And to accomplish that, Colby and Bleu struck an alliance with their baby sister, Chloe! They needed her to play a role in the next Great Food Heist if it were to be successful.


The boys wasted no time. They rolled up their sleeves (what?), and immediately went to work at exactly 6:06 in the morning. Their ‘major ally’ seemed to have forgotten that there was work to be done that day.

Colby and Bleu opened Chloe’s door and woke her up, not with barks, but with warm, sloppy kisses. She did not complain. Once she was awake, the brothers immediately left the room to put the plan into action.

However, Chloe was still sleepy at that time and needed a few more minutes of sleep. So when Colby and Bleu saw that their baby sister wasn’t following them, they rushed back to the room and gave her a few more kisses to wake her up.

At last, Chloe was finally awake enough to come to her senses. She eagerly followed her fluffy siblings into the kitchen to accomplish their plans.

How the Goldies Who Recruited Their Baby Sister Got Busted

These cute and hilarious moments were caught via a video camera installed by Chloe’s parents in her room. That is why their parents clearly saw Colby and Bleu’s ‘deceptive’ plan. “Busted”!

The trio’s actual food heist in the kitchen wasn’t caught by the videocam, but their parents found circumstantial evidence that they were successful in carrying out their plan.

Now that Colby and Bleu have teamed-up with an ‘all-powerful’ ally in their baby sister, Chloe, we wonder what will be the next plot to be developed.

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Source: Cheese Pups via Youtube

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