It is rare to see this kind of odd couple cuddle on the couch to watch Netflix. In a typical household, it’s often difficult to make dogs mingle with cats.

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The moment most canines see a feline in the area, they’ll do anything to avoid interacting with them. However, such isn’t the case for a particular dog-cat pair in an exciting video.

It seems that this adorable pair share the same interest as they watch Netflix together on their human parent’s tablet.

An Odd Couple of Animals Have Common Viewing Interest

In this entertaining video, a curious odd couple cuddles on a couch in front of a tablet. One of the two animals is a light brown-furred dog, while the one beside it is a grey cat.


At first, you’ll think this odd duo’s about to take their afternoon nap. But, you’ll soon find out that the dog and cat pair watch a Netflix show on the tablet.

Though no one knows what the two animals watch, it looks like the show’s riveting enough as neither of them takes their eyes off the screen. At some point, the cat squints its eyes to take a closer look at the scene.

What? Something wrong, Mom?

As the video progressed, the adorable dog and cat carry on with their binge-watching session. Yet, it looks like the odd couple’s “Mom” can’t contain her emotions as she records another angle of the lovely view.

With this, the dog, who previously watched the video with full concentration, makes eye contact with their parent. Though the dog doesn’t bark, its eyes silently ask if there’s anything wrong with what they’re doing.

While the dog and his human parent hold a silent conversation, the cat doesn’t seem perturbed at all as it carries on with their film-viewing. Seeing this, the parent decides to back down and let the two animals carry on with their activity.

Can’t believe this dog-cat pair can watch a Netflix program together? Click the play button below and see the footage yourself.

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Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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